About Addestino Innovation Management

Addestino is a Belgian management and technology consulting firm, with a unique blend of top talent and a track-record to deliver innovation to its customers, end-to-end, from idea to market. Our multidisciplinary team is capable to cycle very fast between business strategy, technology, and user experience to shape & develop successful products, services and organisations in sectors as telecom, healthcare, energy, transport and electronics. We are committed to results and growth of both customers and consultants. Founded in 2007, Addestino is privately held with more than 50 satisfied customers, ranging from big multinationals, SMEs to universities and start-ups.


Our leading partners

Stefan Triest

Stefan enjoys a challenge and has proven to be successful in various fields: from operational management of chemical supply chains to business development in high-tech consultancy. He made a difference in both SME and multinational environments. By creating Addestino with his partners, he added a new entrepreneurial dimension to his career.

His drive for excellence is all about creating superior value to his customers, total commitment for results, putting the right (wo)man at the right place and helping people evolve in their career. That's why customers and consultants keep challenging him! Stefan holds a Master in Chemical Engineering from the University of Leuven, has an excellent business network and speaks fluently Dutch, French and English.

Dominique Buyse

Dominique adds international business strategy and R&D expertise to the team. He has a more than 20-year track-record in ICT innovation in various roles: VP-level strategy and business development, Product line director and marketing director, and R&D manager and project leader in micro-electronics, hardware and software.

As a consultant, he is engaged by executives in various industry sectors including telecoms, high-tech, energy, finance, etc. He often becomes a personal advisor of his clients.

He holds a polytechnic engineering degree from the University of Ghent, and an executive MBA from the Vlerick Leuven Ghent Management School. Dominique is an alumni project leader from The Boston Consulting Group. He fluently speaks Dutch, French and English, and has basic notions of Mandarin Chinese.


Meet some of our team members


Very early in my life it was obvious that I was passionate about technology and innovation, which led me to obtaining a MSc degree in Photonics Engineering. After winning the polka dot jersey in a Belgian hitchhiking competition, I decided to broaden my engineering degree with an additional Master in General Management. Apart from my academic career, I invested the time I had left in guitar, crossfit and improving my amateurish chess moves. It is clear that the underlying theme in my life is variety, which was the reason I definitely wanted to become a consultant.

As many of my fellow students, I was posed with the ultimatum of choosing between technology consulting firms on one hand and business or strategy consulting firms on the other hand. After meeting Addestino, I suddenly realized that I did not have to choose at all. At Addestino you have the opportunity to tackle challenges that are going from very technical projects on one hand till strategic projects on the other hand. Giving me that extra broad spectrum of possibilities, Addestino immediately was a perfect match for me.

Currently being a project manager in the B2B division of a large telecom operator, I started on a very operational level. Not one day passes by where I did not learn a lot on a pace that I have never encountered before, which is essential to keep me motivated. For this reason and many others, I can only confirm that Addestino has been the right choice for me.


After working almost three years as an R&D engineer in a major telecom equipment company, I wanted to broaden my horizon. That is where my Addestino story started. For three years now, I am able to work at different customers, in different sectors, in different positions, with different ways of working,… Needless to say that this truly broadens my knowledge and horizon.

Currently I am helping out one of our customers to roll out a Smart Meter network in Flanders. As an allround engineer in their datacom team, I am getting my hands dirty investigating their complex end-to-end network. This is an aspect I really like about Addestino: we do not stop at the nice presentation; we also roll up our sleeves and get the work done! Being passionate about engineering, I always need something that I can build. So when things get a bit more managerial at Addestino, I might start building a robot at home, much mocked by my close ones.


I graduated as a technical engineer at University College Ghent in 2004 and went on to obtain a Master of (Computer) Science at Ghent University in 2006. I’m an open source fan and regular FOSDEM attendee, and also an active CoderDojo coach in Ghent, De Pinte and Aalst (coaching mostly Java and Arduino). I had a few jobs before I joined Addestino: I did some research into enabling video and 3D graphics on thin client protocols for Ghent University, helped develop the embedded software for the RHDM color reference display for Barco, and worked on CPU simulation research at Ghent University. That last position included a part-time teaching assignment (C# programming and Computer networking) at University College West Flanders.

These jobs all had one thing in common: I grew tired of them after a year-and-a-half or two years. That’s the main reason I started looking for a consultancy gig - consultancy comes with variety built-in.

When I applied for consultancy jobs, I had many choices. The main reason I picked Addestino was because they made it clear I could keep doing what I loved: techy stuff. And that’s what I’ve been doing since I joined: I worked on GPU-based video display (C++/boost/Qt on Windows) and have been doing Embedded Linux development for a telecom OEM customer (shell scripting and C/C++ on buildroot-based Linux).

Addestino has a broad portfolio of skills and assignments, including project management and strategic management consulting. I enjoy learning about market evolution, project management and strategic decision making during the hands-on Addestino trainings. However, at the same time, I’m also glad I am not being pushed to refocus towards people or project management. I like tech.


I hold a masters degree in Computer Science from the University of Antwerp, specializing in distributed, parallel systems and high performance computing complemented by an Erasmus exchange to Bordeaux, France. I love to discover new places, this probably stems from the 5 years that I lived in Asia-Pacific as a child. In order to broaden my knowledge beyond the pure technical domain, I also obtained a second masters degree in General Management from the Vlerick Business School.

Being passionate about technology, informatics and the digital realm, I am seeking to build out a career atop the compelling triad of IT, business and innovation. In Addestino, I found an entrepreneurial company that has the same desire to deliver sound, innovative solutions in a variety of domains. At the same time Addestino also encircles me with a network of ambitious colleagues who aren’t afraid to tackle new problems and transform them into successes.

Currently I am working as a functional analyst for the BSS IT department of a major Belgian telecom player, helping translate business demands into IT solutions.


With a master in electronic engineering obtained at Hogeschool Gent, I have more than 7 years experience in embedded software, electronics and product development. I began my career in a technology company as electronic and embedded software engineer within the simulation division, there I was part of the team responsible for the development of simulation projectors. Later I worked in the healthcare technology sector where I was responsible for software and embedded software for medical displays and their calibration.

I was looking for a new challenge and an opportunity to advance my career as product developer in new technologies. In Addestino I found a commitment to innovation, leadership and life long learning which represent my top career values.

In my free time I have an interest in new technologies, internet security and 3D-printing. This year I also participated to the "The Carbage Run" throughout Eastern Europe.

Currently I am working on an innovative project in the telecom industry, where I hope to gain more insight in project management and improve my software architecture design skills. A unique added value of Addestino is their trainings about business strategy which are actually very fun to go to! For the nerds amongst us (including me) there are also the hackathons.


Work hard, play hard...

Although due to different assignments, Addestino consultants do not meet each other at the office on a day-to-day basis, we do make a great team. On a regular basis, we meet at trainings – typically ended with a few drinks in the bar. On top of that, we also organize all sort of team building activities.

Recently, for example, we did a fencing initiation, organized a robotwar in our latest “Hackdestino”, held a boardgame night, went on teambuilding weekends in Paris, Prague, Lisbon, visited the “Gentse 6daagse”, ...

Below some impressions...