Karina, the graduate hire

Education: MSc. in computer science

Why did you choose Addestino?

In my last year of university, I started looking around for positions in IT where I could combine business and technical roles. Addestino caught my eye because they did multiple strategy projects in industries such as Telecommunications & Public Transportation and for organizations like CERN. It was my ambition to learn how to apply my engineering background, in distributed systems and security for example, in a corporate context.

Experience at Addestino?

I started off my journey with assisting in writing a telecommunication-RFP for a government-owned company. Since then, I’ve worked on numerous projects: emerging tech strategy in the field of software defined internet exchange, corporate strategy for a Belgian publisher, IT strategy for a social secretary… The variety of industries and companies is a great plus.

Considering my limited working experience, I was coached by Addestino’s senior consultants on each of my projects. This personal learning style has allowed me to explore strategy, organization and processes in big corporates.

Why would you recommend Addestino?

Addestino creates an exponential learning curve via trainings, close contact with the managing partners, day to day learning from senior consultants and a result driven approach. Perfect for kickstarting your career.

Ruben, the experienced hire

Education: MSc. in Mechanical Engineering – Mechanical Energy Engineering (UGent), MSc. in Green Technologies (USC)

Why did you choose Addestino?

It's been about 3 years now since I've joined Addestino as an IT transformation & strategy consultant. Before that, I gained working experience as a Business Analyst & Salesforce.com Consultant at an international IT consulting company. Evelien, our HR Business Partner, contacted me to introduce Addestino, its unique way of working and the different types of projects. After the interview rounds, where I got a chance to meet both Managing Partners, I was sold.

Experience at Addestino?

Over the past couple of years, I've worked on more projects than I can count, in a wide range of industries. Some examples:

  • Defining an innovation & product development roadmap for an international automotive supplier, focusing on EV & autonomous driving.
  • Defining the company-wide strategy for "LED in visualization" for an international visualization technology player.
  • Defining the telco-strategy for a Belgian infrastructure provider, mapping out the as is and defining a roadmap towards their future setup.

Why would you recommend Addestino?

In my opinion, it's the mix of different projects and roles Addestino offers, the opportunities to learn directly from Managing Partners and the chance to work with colleagues with different backgrounds that make Addestino such a great place to work.

Dries, the PhD hire

Education: PhD in computer science

Why did you choose Addestino?

During my studies and PhD scholarship, I always tried to learn as much and as broadly as I could about the field of computer science and technology. After graduating, I wanted a job that would be sufficiently challenging, diverse, and educational. The managing partners at Addestino recognized my drive and offered me exactly that.

Experience at Addestino?

As with many consulting firms, Addestino detaches me at companies to work for longer periods of time. In this capacity, I implemented a real-time video compositing engine, refactored and improved the engine’s support code, and took initiative in creating automated testing tools.

From time to time, Addestino assigns small "side projects" to me, which can range from traditional consulting work like preparing and executing market surveys to doing deep architecture studies in existing ecosystems. One of the more interesting side projects was working out a data science architecture and concrete software recommendations for a company eager to get started.

Finally, I was encouraged by management to give internal training on technology trends. This included an exploration of everything deep science, an overview of the recent Spectre/Meltdown fiasco, Bitcoin, and a training about containerization.

Why would you recommend Addestino?

I would recommend Addestino for people who like variation and challenge.

Personalized Growth Trajectory

The individual is key

As Addestino seeks exceptional talents that consistently go the extra mile, it comes naturally that we recognize and treat every consultant as different, each with their own personal ambitions and desired pace of growth. This personal growth is reflected in the flat organizational structure of our company, the regular contact with managing partners and the constant objective to have a perfect match between customer need and consultant ambition – not only at the start of a project, but also during the follow-up.

Broadening your horizon

With its broad customer base, Addestino offers its consultants variation and flexibility to develop their full potential, allowing quick transitions between projects or working on multiple at the same time. From assignment to assignment, consultants can switch sectors, technologies or even skill sets. One project could be focused on technical AI development, the next on developing a business case for self-driving cars – the choice is yours.

Various technologies

ICT technologies, ranging from front-end to back-end systems, from deeply embedded to the latest networking, security & cloud technologies

Various business sectors

All types of organizations throughout the value chain, from component & equipment manufacturers to service providers and integrators in telecom, healthcare, energy, finance,...

Various skill sets

While further developing your technical expertise, you will be challenged to discover other areas and develop managerial, interpersonal and business skills

Challenging assignments

Innovation is our core business, so you can expect exciting work that valorizes your technical knowledge in a rapidly changing environment. In all projects, our consultants are engaged to challenge the status quo and deliver a lasting impact at clients. However, this does not equal consistently working overtime: at Addestino, we promote a healthy work-life balance.

Building on your solid background

Consultants at Addestino typically have an advanced degree in engineering or an affiliated field (computer science, applied sciences,...), sometimes complemented with an MBA or PhD. As such, there is no need for induction training and learning can start immediately on the job. This learning is augmented with consistent mentorship of both senior consultants and managing partners, as well as in-house training from experts in their field. A glimpse at some of our training sessions:


Machine Learning & AI

Design Thinking



Machine Learning & AI

Design Thinking

Interview process

1st interview

Telephone interview with
our HR business partner

2nd interview

Face-to-face interview
with a managing partner

Consultant talk

Optional peer to peer call
to ensure mutual fit

Final interview

Face-to-face interview with
another managing partner

Career opportunities


Both young potentials and recent graduates that are ready to jumpstart their career, as well as experienced professionals with a background in technology and/or consulting, seeking to make an impact.

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