Addestino revamps struggling IT program and successfully delivers a data warehouse


A Belgian insurance company had due to acquisitions & historical decisions a broad landscape of IT applications on which all insurance products were sold. Reporting on products per application was a cumbersome process & often required manual manipulation. Reporting over multiple systems was non-existing. To solve these needs the customer had initiated a program to build a new data warehouse covering all applications & able to expose data in a DataMart across all applications to the business stakeholders. After 1 unsuccessful attempt and a second attempt failing to deliver the project sponsor asked Addestino to revamp the project & deliver the urgently needed data warehouse.


After 2 unsuccessful attempts higher management could not afford any delay in delivery making the situation urgent. On top of this, the project already consumed a lot of time of business stakeholders, this without any output, so enthusiasm to co-operate was virtually non-existing.

Why Addestino?

At Addestino we have a broad & in-depth technical knowledge as well as experience in handling big IT transformation projects, so we have the capabilities to handle projects like this, but more importantly, it is within the Addestino DNA to prioritize & deliver on short term.


At first, after a thorough assessment of the project, a new project team was formed based on the best existing team members and newly recruited experts. The scope was re-assessed and divided in manageable subsections and scrum methodology was introduced. Due to the permanent focus on the high value topics, and by descoping low prio topics, Addestino was able to deliver a first output on short term. By repeating the methodology and introducing best practices like dev ops and automated testing, Addestino was able to keep on delivering on regular basis.

Impact & results

Our consultants build a team & introduced a way of working allowing short delivery cycles. Due to these regular deliveries, Addestino could prove to the CIO & CFO the project was able to deliver on one side, and it was able to recreate trust from business stakeholders on the other side.