Implementation of new Servicing tool for ICT Integrator department of Belgian Telecom Operator


A Belgian Telecom Operator is realizing a digital transformation program in which it aims to consolidate its fragmented IT landscape of servicing tools into a new one. A couple of years ago the operator started migrating its wholesale products & fixed telecom products for business customers. After these migrations, the operator continued with the migration of the products of their ICT Integrator department. However, the first attempt resulted in a very customized implementation which wasn’t reusable for the other products. Hence, a complete redesign of the basic building blocks was needed, on which the team responsible for the migration has been working on the past year. And even though a lot of work has been done, the team was not able to deliver tangible results in-time, nor was there a transparent view for business on planning & roadmap.


Wholesale, Fixed Telecom & ICT products for business customers all have different needs when it comes to servicing, so even though the former were already implemented in the new tool, continuous assessment/alignment is needed to make sure a uniform way of working as preserved as much as possible. On top of that, new initiatives to improve the servicing tool or for new features are being started. This results in continuous battle for sufficient resources and getting the right priorities. Furthermore, Product Management is developing new products and wants to make use of the new tool as soon as possible, hence more pressure from Business to deliver (in time).

Why Addestino?

Addestino had already performed several engagements for the operator’s B2B division (incl. both fixed telecom & ICT products). Therefore, has a good understanding of the organization, the operating model/teams, the products, the processes, and the tools used. This prior knowledge allows us to immediately jump to action. Next to that, Addestino has the technical expertise to translate business needs into technical specifications. And finally, Addestino has experience in assisting customers (in the Telecom industry as well as others) with the implementation of a new servicing tool in a complex IT environment.


Addestino started with a thorough As-Is analysis of the new servicing tool to get a good understanding on how it fits in the corporate IT landscape, which functionalities are implemented, what still need to be done for a first release and what should/could be done in the future (with primary focus on the functionalities necessary for the ICT Products). Based on this analysis an iterative action plan was developed to deliver the MVP. Additionally, our consultants are also actively involved in new initiatives with impact on the serving platform in order to guide Product Management when tackling servicing aspect of their new solution. Combining the insights of As-Is analysis with the view on business’ (near) future needs, our consultants are helping the team to define the priorities for post-MVP releases.

Impact & results

Our consultants created a planning & an agile action plan to deliver an MVP in a reasonable time (~6 months). The planning is also being used to communicate with business stakeholders on progress & next steps. Additionally, the creation of a roadmap for the next two years is under construction, with our consultants in the driving seat. And because of the good results, Addestino was asked to take up a Product Owner role for the entire front-end (both customer & employee facing) of the Servicing Tool.