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Project references

Topline Growth

LED Strategy Definition for Visualization Technology Provider

4-month strategic exercise covering all company verticals, assessing market drivers, financial & operational implications and potential partnerships

Impact: Setup of strategic partnership enabling sustainable growth in LED-market

Topline Growth

Future of Voice Strategy for Telco

6-month project
Understanding impact of disruptive Unified Communication Technologies. Assessing impact on business case vs capabilities

Impact: Co-delivering novel UC strategy to telco customers

Business Models

Growth Strategy for Publishing Company

3-month strategic analysis for publisher undergoing market & technological evolutions, to guarantee future profitability, with focus on portfolio and scale effects of core cost drivers

Impact: Scenario-based options presented to BoD

Business Models

Corporate Venturing for Automotive OEM

3-month project with CEO and leadership team to define Horizon 3 strategy including IoT, AI, Autonomous Driving, Electrification,…

Impact: Incubator created and launched in Berlin

Product Innovation

Clickshare for Barco

6-month co-design trajectory to explore customer needs, de-risk technology and build feasible and viable business case

Impact: Over 600.000 systems delivered by 2019

Product Innovation

Disruptive Model for HR Service Provider

9-month co-design trajectory to discover unmet needs, change portfolio, redefine delivery model, disrupt pricing structure

Impact: Model defined, pilot launched, results being analyzed

Customer Experience

Customer Experience Program for Telco

3-month program to map, assess and improve all customer touch points, across all segments, all channels and all products

Impact: Exhaustive map, dozens of improvement actions

Customer Experience

Customer Service Transformation for Telco

18-month project to concretize new customer-centric vision into TO-BE way of working and define & coordinate operational & IT implementation

Impact: Increase in 10 NPS within one quarter.

Operational Processes

Process Lead-time Reduction for Telco

Interim management team to define, select and implement a SaaS platform to track and transform a multi-BU service delivery

Impact: Platform successfully rolled-out and adopted

Operational Processes

Data-driven Cost Reduction for ICT Service Integrator

4-month project
Mapping processes, analyzing data, recognizing and prioritizing patterns, implementing actions

Impact: 2,5% EBITDA-point improvements

Workforce Enablement

ICT Infrastructure Strategy for Public Transportation Company

Analysis of users, technologies and financials to support teleworking and migrate away from end-of-life services

Impact: Wrote RFP and managed public tender process

Workforce Enablement

Digital Transformation for Electro Distributor

2-year project covering strategic study, partner selection and UC&C roll-out to 60 branches in alignment with new sales organisation

Impact: Improved customer satisfaction & employee collaboration

AI & Data Science

Data-driven Marketing Automation for Government Agency

1-month project to analyze needs, evaluate tools and create high-level data flow architecture

Impact: 1-year implementation roadmap

AI & Data Science

Price Point Prediction for Telco

2-week pilot to assess data quality and richness, uncover trends and build a model that predicts required discount levels to win future deals

Impact: Objective machine learning model to support pricing

Applications & Databases

Defragmenting 30-year-old Application Landscape for HR Service Provider

6-month project to map IT & business landscape, identify key change areas and define future roadmap

Impact: TO-BE IT landscape with identified operational & financial impact + prioritized 5-year roadmap

Applications & Databases

Introduction of CISO Role for Distributor

6-week project to derive pragmatic CISO roadmap in a heavily fragmented IT application landscape

Impact: Clear & sharp definition of roles, responsibilities, positioning & resources.

Enablers: IAM, Cloud, SDx

IAM Assessment for HR Service Provider

3-month assessment of IAM solution after a 3y, heavily over budget, ongoing roll-out to re-align IT with business and clarify way forward

Impact: Holistic overview as-is & roadmap to finally realize added value

Enablers: IAM, Cloud, SDx

Cloud Processing Strategy for IoT Vendor

Optimizing communication channel to cloud & establishing data pipeline to facilitate future modernisation efforts.

Impact: Significantly reduced capacity and processing cost per IoT device.