Home Automation Vendor

New Product Design for a care home system

Mission: combine several small acquired start-ups into a solution to conquer care home market

Approach: interim product management, combined with injecting strategic and technical skills

Result: A novel .NET-based framework to flexibly enable use-cases on demand on top of a home automation system. In just 3 months after launch, market share jumped to 25%.

Electronics Manufacturer

New Product & Business Design for collaboration applications

Mission: create a whole new product line for in-meeting collaboration

Approach: 6-month consulting trajectory set-up as an in-company start-up. Applying state-of-the-art concept design techniques: set-based design, user-centered design, agile, rapid prototyping, business modelling, ….

Result: Mentioned by the CEO as one of the pillars of the company with over 50M€ sales in 2014 at very attractive margin

Breakout strategy

Mission: Seek profitable growth by entering new product x market combinations each worth 100M€

Approach: 6 month CEO-level corporate strategy project including market interviews, value chain analysis, competitive analysis, creativity workshops, M&A scouting,…

Result: 100+ breakout strategies identified, 10 prioritized and approved board

Telecom Service Provider

New service design & portfolio management

Mission: rethink B2B customer experience across customer life cycle

Approach: 3-month consulting trajectory to create a customer experience heatmap in terms of products versus service touchpoints. The “heat” expresses Service Improvement Points which combine business value for the telco and experience value for the user.

Result: Reprioritized portfolio of 100s of improvement projects spanning people, process, systems

Customer project management

Mission: Provide additional expertise to existing CPM team

Approach: Interim Customer Project Management, combined with process re-engineering and continuous improvements.

Result: Dozens of customer projects systematically delivered on target

Government Innovation Agency

Partner management & innovative pre-commercial procurement

Mission: As part of a EU FP7 Program called Smart@Fire, invent and apply pre-commercial procurement methodologies to define the next generation of protective gear for firefighters

Approach: Alignment of multiple interest groups (fire brigade end-users plus industrial and institutional partners) through a number of moderated discussion sessions; followed by interim project management.

Result: Call for pre-commercial procurement launched, 3 European industry consortia developing and testing prototypes

ICT Service Provider

New service design & portfolio management

Mission: Improving cost-to-serve across very complex portfolio

Approach: 3-month consulting model to collect information and insights via interviews, workshops, quantitative financial analysis, technology platforms, process and volume analysis. Building complex XLS model

Result: Factual insight in profitability of each product line with insight about cost drivers. Portfolio of cost-improvement initiatives worth several M€s being implemented

University Technology Transfer

Opportunity recognition and valorization

Mission: explore valorization opportunities for new inventions & technologies

Approach: workshop with PhD students and researchers … structured around Addestino’s proper methodology (“what’s new”, “what’s unique”, “what’s good”, “who cares”, …)

Result: Several embryonic ideas for start-ups, some already in incubation phase