Bob Mertens, the experienced hire

Facts about Bob

Study: MSc in Electrical Engineering (UGent), MSc in Business Economics (UGent)<


Works at Addestino since: May 2020

The best thing about my job: The enormous learning curve, on all levels: the increased insight in different technologies, the acquired business skills and the strong interpersonal development.

Inspiring quote: "Progress always involves risk you can't steal second base and keep your foot on first base."

Why did you choose Addestino?

I had been working in a purely technical job for almost 4 years before joining Addestino. Although I was fueled by technical curiosity, I missed the bigger picture, the connection with the company as a whole. I not only wanted to understand the technology, but also what it could mean for the company. Addestino offered me to work on exactly that.

Can you describe your career path at Addestino?

From day one, I worked on a strategic project in a technology I did not know, sold in markets I had no understanding of. I learned quickly, with the help of a senior consultant, who schooled me on the job and thought me some key Addestino techniques. As my time at Addestino progressed, I moved from a first project, to a second one, to a third, while receiving to-the-point training by more experienced colleagues. I gained more independence and worked closely with one of Addestino’s partners. The learning curve has been steep, but very fulfilling.

What was the biggest challenge so far for you?

Adopting the true Addestino mindset to perform in environments which have high uncertainties. We get thought methodologies at Addestino to cope with uncertainty, to prioritize work and to create maximal value for our clients. I struggled with some of these principles at first, mainly due to the training in my future job and my personality. Step by step I am adopting the Addestino principles, and I now even catch myself regularly using this skill set in my life outside work.

Why would you recommend Addestino?

In my eyes, the company is unique in that it is able to create value for its clients by applying unique methodologies, executed by talented engineers with a strong business sense. Combine this with the focus within Addestino to constantly develop its workforce, and you have my 2 top reasons to recommend Addestino as an employer.

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