Emiel Huyghe, the graduate hire

Facts about Emiel

Study: I graduated as Master of Science in Computer Science Engineering at Ghent University, and enjoyed the opportunity to study abroad at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland.


Works at Addestino since: September 2020

The best thing about my job: Learning everyday by facing new challenges, and getting recognized for achieving your goals

Inspiring quote: "A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor."

The choice for Addestino

After building a strong technical foundation as a Computer Science Engineer, I was looking for that next challenge to expand my knowledge on both technology and business. I quickly learned that Addestino had a strong track record of delivering excellence in innovation and transformation projects with a lasting business impact. The opportunity to work on these high-expectation projects for major players across various industries, fit perfectly in line with my personal ambitions.

During my interviews I noticed the strong emphasis on the open company dynamic and the willingness to invest in personal development. You are offered access to the expertise of any colleague, and the possibility of participating in a wide range of trainings. For me, this showed the devotion of Addestino towards their people.

First day

The onboarding experience at Addestino was great. On my first day, I received a warm welcome by our HR associate Joyce, learned about all the modalities and already got to know some of the colleagues. Addestino offered a big network of guidance and support, for example through my mentor Brian as a part of the mentorship program, through the coaching of my project lead Michiel, but also through the openness and accessibility of literally anyone in the company. From day one I had the opportunity to develop my personal skills, by learning on the job from experienced colleagues, but also from the intensive training program offered by Addestino. This allows me to keep expanding my personal boundaries. From the start, you are offered the trust and responsibility of a full-blown consultant. The opportunity to work on major projects together with expert colleagues, can be a real head start to your career. And equally important, there is always room for a chat and some laughs with the colleagues.


My current (main) project is with a major Belgian automotive company, who is seeking to define their strategy for a public tender on networking, security and cloud infrastructure. This allowed me to get a full immersion in an unfamiliar industry, learning their technology and business dynamics in a condensed timeframe. The challenge of working on a big project for a renowned company pushes your skills and knowledge, while offering the opportunity to help shape the future for a large number of people. In addition, I am working on some smaller projects for government institutions. This requires an entirely different perspective, working together with public servants to offer them the technological expertise to realize their vision and needs. The people-oriented approach and the big diversity of these projects is something I really appreciate.

The most important thing I already learned at Addestino, is in the way of thinking of an “Addestinese”: always thinking ahead, trusting on a core set of methodologies, while striving for excellence. The wide range of technology and business expertise in the relatively small formfactor of Addestino will be hard to match. Combining this with the open company dynamic, client-tailored approach and proven track-record, unique seems the right term to me.

RFI-RFP for Networking, Security & Cloud
Automotive Industry
Audit & Innovation for Housing Inspection
Municipal Government
Data Platform Innovation
Food industry
Product Ownership?
Strategy Definition?