Giuseppe Van Campenhout, the graduate hire

Facts about Giuseppe

Study: Electrical engineering at VUB-ULB specialization: data science-AI, telecom & image technologies


Works at Addestino since: September 2019

The best thing about my job: Variation, being able to combine business & technical aspects and using the skills & knowledge I acquire from one domain in a completely different context

Inspiring quote: "Live a few years like others won’t, so that you can spend the rest of your life like others can’t."

The choice for Addestino

I have always been a person who is interested in a lot of different topics. When I started looking for a job, the possibility for variation was very important to me. Next to that, I wanted to have an impact with my work and not just be ‘one of the many’. Throughout the interview rounds, I found that Addestino would allow me to choose my own direction with sufficient variation and interesting projects with a real impact. All while using my telecom, data science and electrical engineering background and enabling my growth at a pace that only very few companies can.

Projects and challenges

In my last project I was active as a Business Analyst at a large Telecom Service Provider, in a team focused on the SOHO market. Here I was responsible for the process improvements and analysis of product improvements / integrations for the Value-Added Services (VAS). Initially I started on improving the customer journey for an A-Z website service. After that, my time was dominated by setting up a new cybersecurity product. This was immediately my biggest challenge so far.

What started as a support role to see how we could launch this product and what it would take, the weight of the product launch quickly shifted to me. In this way I became almost the full owner of the initiative. This allowed me to follow this process from A to Z, but I also had to track and monitor its progress. For a large part of this project, I was the only source that fully worked on this, giving me a taste of different aspects: product marketing, business analysis, pieces of functional analysis, copywriting, project management and much more.

All this in a company that was undergoing a major structural transformation. A characteristic of the new structure is the collaboration with many different teams in different disciplines. Which taught me a lot, but it also meant that there had to be an overarching instance for coordination and that ended up being me.

Why would you recommend Addestino?

Whether you want to go in a technical or business direction or somewhere in between, Addestino can offer you an exceptional growth path in any one of these directions. Even if you are not sure, the personal approach to your situation and wishes allows to discover and try what you want and lets you grow at your own pace. You are always working on high-end projects where your input is valued. Feedback from peers and the managing partners combined with the superb in-house trainings allow to unleash your full potential. You are not just a number, but a valued member of a flat-structured company. Your work-life balance is respected and the regular ‘FUN events’ are definitely an added value to grow closer together as a team. In short you get to serve on interesting projects in different sectors and topics, while working in close cooperation with the managing partners and learning from expert colleagues.

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Gamification Platform
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Gamification Platform
Cybersecurity Product
Customer Journey Enhancements
Business Analysis
Product Ownership?
Strategy Definition?