Michiel Gossye, the PhD hire

Facts about Michiel

Study: PhD & MSc in Engineering Physics


Works at Addestino since: February 2020

The best thing about my job: The roles I adopt as an Addestino consultant require me to tackle a wide range of problems, making each day unique and challenging.

Inspiring quote: "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone"

Why did you choose Addestino?

At the end of my PhD scholarship, I was looking for a job that would allow me to work in a variety of different (technological) environments. After learning about Addestino, and having talked to the managing partners, I was convinced that the company could offer me just that: challenging projects, in which I could come into contact with (and learn about) a diverse spectrum of new and innovative technologies.

Can you describe your career path at Addestino?

I started my Addestino career as a consultant at an HR service provider, where I was responsible for the development and management of a roadmap to replace a legacy IT landscape. This role allowed me to quickly gain valuable experience, both in business and IT domains. This included conducting interviews, drafting business cases, preparing slide decks, and reporting to stakeholders.

After two months, I already got the chance to work on another, more strategic, project in parallel. In this project, I was part of a team that performed an in-depth study of a client’s product portfolio and its competitive strengths and weaknesses, to formulate a recommended plan of action. At the moment, I work on a couple of technological projects, including a data center migration and a fixed telephony RFP.

Why would you recommend Addestino?

At Addestino, a lot of opportunities are provided to quickly expand your knowledge and gain experience. On a regular basis, in-house trainings are organized on the latest technological innovations, customer experience, finance … And on the job, you are able to work together with experienced colleagues and experts in the field, which allows for a steep learning curve.

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Visualization Technology
IT Strategy Definition
HR Provider
Fixed Telephone RFP
Service Design
Data Center Migration
Market Analysis
Data Analysis?
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