Vincent Slembrouck, the experienced hire

Facts about Vincent

Study: MScs Photonics Engineering


Works at Addestino since: May 2018

The best thing about my job: The great variety in roles I could practice in different industries

Inspiring quote: "Fake it ‘till you make it"

Why did you choose Addestino?

I was attracted by the personal growth plan that Addestino has for all its consultants. Not many firms allow their members to develop expertise in that many areas of technology, industries, or business functions. It is rare that you can radically try something new, each time after you just became expert in one domain. Specially since it would probably be much easier for the firm to let every consultant become an expert.

Can you describe your career path at Addestino?

I started as Business Analyst in a telecom company, where I quickly got in touch with all departments (sales, marketing, service, IT, engineering) while launching a new telco product. Next, I assisted a wholesaler in rethinking their customer experience. I stayed at the customer to help them release a tender, define the architecture and guide the project to results. In the meantime, I worked as interim Product Manager at a technology manufacturer, was involved in multiple public tenders for government innovation and defined the new telephony strategy for a brewery.

What was the biggest challenge so far for you?

During lockdown, when all other project work was put on hold, I was involved in defining the product market strategy for the VP of a major technology manufacturer. Assisted by our managing partner, I was immediately submerged in the world of projectors. I had to really understand all the different ways a projector can be built and what this means for production scalability, competitive advantages, product margin etc. After 2 months, I ended up presenting strategic options at 3 VPs.

Why would you recommend Addestino?

Having your own individual learning curve that is tailored to your interests, skills and experiences and so truly discovering where you excel, what you like to do and where there is still room to learn.

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