Lasting Innovation Impact

Co-creating our customer's future

Addestino is engaged by large multinationals, SMEs, spin-offs, start-ups and public sector customers to co-create their future. We're grateful that in less than 10 years, we could serve over 50 organizations in Belgium. And for nearly all of them, we are on a long-term journey together.

We are working on bleeding-edge technology. Again and again consultants create outstanding prototypes in a very short timeframe. Very exceptional!

Patrick, R&D director of equipment manufacturer

Across industry sectors in transformation

The power of IT technology is creating disruptions and transformations in many industries. Many people talk about it, we exploit it to create lasting innovation impact for our customers across the value chain in the following sectors:


OEMs, consumer electronics, building automation systems, satellite equipment, …


Equipment vendors, CPE vendors, telecom providers, integrators and ISPs …

Software & IT

Cloud start-ups, CIOs of SMEs, IT integrators, security providers, …     


Home automation vendors, energy management providers, utilities, renewable energy systems, …

Media & Advertising

Broadcasters, distributors, media production office, Digital Out of Home, social media platforms, …


Display vendor, imaging equipment, medical equipment, home care provider,...


Truck blind spot start-up, tour operators, subway network vendor, car recycler, parking systems, …

Public Service

Fire brigades, cultural institutions, universities, agencies in care & employment sector, IWT, …

Food Industry

Bakeries, animal feeding industry, sector organization, spin-offs and start-ups, …

With state-of-the art methodology

New Product Design

Addestino's New Product Design combines several techniques to create whole new concepts in just a matter of months: agile, user-centricity, set-based design, multi disciplinary teams. The best proof is Barco's award-winning ClickShare product.

Service & Customer Experience

Involving consumers and using service blue-printing techniques, Addestino creates whole new service offerings. We overcome the real challenges such as IT limitations, skill mixes, organizational boundaries, etc. Part of our answer is the value versus risk matrix..

Business Re-Engineering

Addestino has a pragmatic approach for business re-engineering through workshops, interviews, analysis, etc. This results easily understandable end-to-end flows covering process, people and tools. And many of our maps decorate management offices !

Break-Out Strategies

Strategy in innovative contexts doesn't resemble classical strategic analysis: it requires a different level of insight and the capability to handle significant levels of uncertainty. We have a rich toolkit to do so, e.g. our sharp one-pager business plan.

Results delivered beyond consultancy

Working in tiger teams

On every single customer engagement, Addestino consultants deliver the agreed results and exceed expectations. This commitment can be achieved by combining our expertise in Tiger teams. Our customers often call us "The Special Forces" of innovation.

Blending rare talents

Addestino consultants all are experts in their domain, they are top class students, company high-potentials, MBA or PhD students. They all have another trait in common: curiosity and capability to step out of their comfort zone and still deliver. Some illustrations:

Technology Wiz Kids

Wouter is a polytechnic engineer with a PhD in software engineering. In no time, he masters new programming frameworks. For one of Addestino's customers, he single handily developed a full OSS back office in a matter of few months

User-Centric Designers

Jo is an industrial engineer in electronics. He obtained an additional 2-year degree in User-Centered Design Techniques from the University of Southern Denmark. For several of our customers, he assumed interim product management roles.

Pragmatic Strategists

Michael holds an MsC in IT with an additional MBA from Vlerick. For a multinational technology firm, he defined and elaborated several breakout strategies with 100M€s impact.

Business Re-Designers

Stefaan is a polytechnic engineer with a PhD in image processing. For Addestino's customers, he is recognized as the expert in mapping out and simplifying complex processes.

Embedded at our customers

Addestino teams always adopt a tailored made approach, depending on the customer needs.
Some illustrations:

  •   Advise, audits & training

    R&D audits, product development trainings, customer interview trainings, advisory board membership, valorization workshops, …

  •   Consulting projects

    Strategy projects, process redesign projects, product development projects, spin-off and venturing projects, due diligence projects, …

  •   Talent on demand

    Interim product management, project management, interim technical expertise